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Are you looking for a fun game that lets you blast magical bubbles to kingdom come? Get into the magical realm where you get to burst as many of these thin liquid spheres in Bubble Witch 3 Saga.

From the makers of the very popular Candy Crush Saga comes another cool match-three game that lets you take on a magical adventure.

Bubble Witch 3 Saga takes on a delightful quest into the exciting realm of bubbles. It is the latest game in the well-liked Bubble Witch series.

This awesome match-three bubble shooter follows the story of Stella the Witch. Our brave heroine is back, and she needs our help as she endeavors to defeat cute and adorably nefarious Wilbur. Get into the exciting new world of blasting bubbles and solving puzzles in this awesome adventure.

Mischief, mayhem, and magic take over in Bubble Witch 3 Saga. Like a good witch, Stella’s goal is to burst as many bubbles as possible. She pursues this quest in the hopes of restoring peace and tranquility in the realm.

Joining Stella are Nero and Violet. With their joint efforts and with your help, you will join and match bubbles of the same type and color. When you group three or more of these similar bubbles, they will pop and you will earn corresponding points. The more bubbles you get into your groupings, the bigger the points you get in one popping go.



The Magical World of Bubble Witch 3 Saga

If you love match-three games and bubble shooting puzzles, then you will love Bubble Witch 3 Saga. It is a fantastic mix of these two game genres, which you will surely enjoy.

With their quest to save the realm from chaos and restore its serenity, Stella aims to pop as many bubbles as she can. She will be ably assisted by her friends Nero and Violet. Together they will travel the realm and pop as many bubbles as they can; that is, with your valuable help.

Will you join this awesome trio in their noble quest to save their world? Pop the bubbles and defeat the cute Wilbur in Bubble Witch 3 Saga.

In this amazing bubble shooter adventure, your unique aim and precision are highly required. Help Stella as she attempts to blast and pop the bubbles with optimum accuracy.

Stella will also need to solve the puzzles. This will reunite the ghosts and save the owls. More importantly, figuring out the conundrum will reveal the most crucial figure of them all, the fabulous fairy queen.

Assemble your formidable team and vanquish the cute Wilbur to restore peace and order in the realm. If you feel outnumbered and overwhelmed but the bubble challenges, tap Nero’s spell-casting abilities and power-ups; they will come in handy when the levels get extra tough. They will help you blast your way through the puzzles and obstacles along the way and get to the nefarious yet adorable villain.


What to Expect

All that Stella the Witch wanted was to have a peaceful and harmoniously living. But thanks to Wilbur the evil cute cat, everything is about to change for the worse.

Now, Stella needs to get back to her feet and rebuild everything that has turned into rubble, which included her home. Your job is to help her pop the bubbles and clear the way to go through the levels so she can find the magic stardust that she needs to reconstruct and renovate her home.

If you are looking for an awesome bubble shooter, you will love Bubble Witch 3 Saga. Take on the adventure and join our heroine Stella the Witch in her quest to burst the bubbles that separate her from the magical stardust

This is the only bubble shooter game that you need. Get to the challenge and pop those shiny shimmering bubbles in Bubble Witch 3 Saga.


Cool Features

With spellbinding gameplay, adorable characters and awesome puzzle challenges, Bubble Witch 3 Saga stands out to be one of the best match-three and bubble shooter games.

You can choose to take on the brave magical quest alone or pop these bubbles along with your friends. Aim to set an all-time high as you rack up those points.

Aside from rescuing the magnificent fairy queen, join Stella as she releases the owls and ghosts in her bid to save the realm from the evil Wilbur.

Do you find the level very challenging? There are special boosters that you can use to boost you up and get through the tricky levels.

Tackle one level at a time and help Stella rebuild her home and save her friends. This magical puzzle game will have you shooting and thinking of a good strategy at every twist and turn.

If you are looking for a match-three bubble shooter game with a magical twist, you will not get disappointed with Bubble Witch 3 Saga. It is a fun-filled game that will entertain you for hours. Better yet, there are even more fun-filled Puzzle Games for you to enjoy form the website, like Toon Blast and Splashy!

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Shoot and Pop Bubble Witch 3 Saga Free Game | PC Download